I started taking pictures a long time ago. It’s not that I’m that old, it’s just that I was very young when I first held a camera in my hands. Or perhaps that is what I want to believe. Who knows.

Anyways, you didn’t come here to see me rambling about my life, did you? No, you came here to find out what I do. And what I do is, no surprise here, take pictures. Or should I say make pictures. We’ll discuss this subject later on.

It seems easy but It’s not. It took a lot of effort on my side. A lot of time to prepare myself for this, so many years of learning, years of joy, progress and, mostly, frustration, until I could state that my pictures don’t suck. Not too much, I mean.

You know what?, I’m not gonna lie to you. It is easy. I just take my camera, I go outside and I take pictures (or should I say make pictures… We’ll figure it out soon). That’s what I do.

I do believe that it is easy cause it’s something natural to me. Once I get used to my camera (dear camera makers, seriously, way too many buttons and menus, photography is so much simpler than that), I do not think about taking a picture. I just think about making a picture.

Yeah, the mistery is going to be solved.

What makes a difference in photography, what makes your pictures stand out above others is that simple word. To shine in photography you must develop your picture, think about it, work it out, not just press the shutter button and take the picture.

And this has been the funny part. Now, let me tell you the boring thing none wants to read but it’s needed in the website, just in case someone here is looking for a photographer to hire.

I took a couple of courses of photography here and there: Stills, Centre for Photography in Edinbrugh, ADT School in Vancouver, San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco.

I have been collaborating with several magazines all over the world: Fashion Statement, South Edinburgh Echo, Observer Week, Vancouver is Awesome, Bored In Vancouver, Westender, The Georgia Straight, Trend Gazette, Vertex Focus, Monster Magazine, Culture Daily, Affairs Illustrated, Apex Magazine, Parade Chronicle, Highlight Week, Panorama Magazine, Boost Monthly,…

I have spent many years traveling around the world and being in contact with different cultures, which helped me to evolve my style, and also opened my mind to understand how photography is involved in the world.

And hey, I even won the Lonely Planet Cover Contest once when I was starting taking (or making?) pictures. I was very proud of that. Then, years went by and I realized those some minor defects in that picture. Because that’s basically photography, you think that your best picture will always be the next one you take and the worst one the last you took.